Practical Suggestions to Improve Your Trombone Playing #2

TrombonePRACTICE GOOD HABITS—every day

  • check your POSTURE. Sit with your torso in approximately the same position as when you are standing. Keep your chin up. Don’t lean forward or backward. Don’t tilt your head to the left or right
  • Check your HAND POSITION. The left hand should balance the trombone—no gripping—in a natural position similar to the way the arm and hand falls freely from the shoulder. The right hand should hold the slide in a natural manner—two fingers above and two below the lower slide. The thumb should ride in a relaxed manner on the brace.
  • Start with a solid WARM-UP (see below)
  • Establish a PRACTICE ROUTINE (see below)
  • Practice in front of a MIRROR so that you get used to watching yourself and practice in comfortable surroundings.